What do stones smell like in the forest? (2018)



Two channels digital video, sound, 19 minutes; installation

The Golem: Marie-Annick Béliveau, mezzo-soprano

Choir and Dancers: Mary St-Amand Williamson, Karen Fennell, Maxine Segalowitz

Director of Photography: Oswaldo Toledano

Orchestration: Dominique Alexander

Chief Choreographer and Dramaturgy Consultant: Mary St-Amand Williamson

Outside Eye: Kim Sanh Châu

Voice Coach and Choir Direction: Louise Campbell

Sound Engineer: Steve Bates

Light Technician: Paolo Malo

Production Assistant and Still Photography: Edwin Isford

Continuity: Lisa Ceccarelli

Hair Stylist: Arahkwénte J Gilbert

Makeup: Drew McComber

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